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This blog provides our draft translation of Carolingian texts, mostly linked to Hincmar of Rheims or the divorce of Lothar II and Theutberga.

The texts translated are as follows:

Page references are given in square brackets in the translation. All these translations are works in progress and have not been checked for errors or readability. Readers are strongly advised to check the Latin text themselves.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Interrogatio 12

[p 177] In the fifth chapter, write back to us, on the authority of the scriptures and the traditions of the fathers, what the writings say about stuprum and abortion, with the names of the authors and the titles of the books, so that we may know whether a woman can conceive in the way it is said she did, and after an abortion remain a virgin, as is said happened to this one; and if she will have been found (?) to have perpetrated these crimes before marriage, whether she ought or can remain in marriage.

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