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This blog provides our draft translation of Carolingian texts, mostly linked to Hincmar of Rheims or the divorce of Lothar II and Theutberga.

The texts translated are as follows:

Page references are given in square brackets in the translation. All these translations are works in progress and have not been checked for errors or readability. Readers are strongly advised to check the Latin text themselves.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

English translations of Hincmar’s works

Relatively few of Hincmar’s works have yet been translated into English. This post lists the ones that we are currently aware of: any suggestions for additions will be gratefully received

Ad reclusos et simplices in Remensi parrochia contra Gothescalcum, written 849-850, ed. Wilhelm Gundlach, 'Zwei Schriften des Erzbischofs Hinkmar von Reims', Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte 10 (1889), 258-309.
Partial translation by Victor Genke and Francis X. Gumerlock, Gottschalk and a medieval predestination controversy: texts translated from the Latin Mediaeval Philosophical Texts in Translation, 47, (Milwaukee, WI, 2010), pp. 169-172.

Annales Bertiniani, written c. 863-882, ed. Georg Waitz, MGH SRG 5 (Hanover, 1883); also by Félix Grat,, Jeanne Vielliard, and Suzanne Clémence, Société de l'histoire de France (série antérieure à 1789), 470 (Paris, 1964).
Translation by Janet L. Nelson, The Annals of St-Bertin, Ninth-Century Histories 1 (Manchester, 1991)

De cavendis vitiis et virtutibus exercendis, written 860x875, ed. Doris Nachtmann. MGH Quellen zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters 16 (Munich, 1998).
Translation by Priscilla Throop, Hincmar of Rheims on kingship, divorce, virtues and vices (Charlotte, Vermont, 2014), pp. 35-143

De coercendis militum rapinis (= Epistola 126) written 859, ed. Ernst Perels, MGH Epistolae 8 (1939), pp. 62-65.
Translation by Sam Kaplan, Danile Martin and Lily Stewart under the guidance of Professor Ken Wolf (2013).

De divortio Lotharii regis et Theutbergae reginae, written 860, ed. Letha Bohringer, MGH Concilia 4, Supplementum 1 (Hanover, 1992).
Translation by Rachel Stone and Charles West, The Divorce of King Lothar and Queen Theutberga: Hincmar of Rheims's De Divortio (Manchester, 2016)

De ordine palatii, written 882, ed. Thomas Gross and Rudolf Schieffer, MGH Fontes iuris 3 (Hanover, 1980).
Translation by David Herlihy, A History of Feudalism (New York, 1970), pp. 209-227; reprinted in Paul Edward Dutton, Carolingian civilization: a reader (Peterborough, Ontario, 1993), pp. 485–99,
Another translation by Priscilla Throop, Hincmar of Rheims on kingship, divorce, virtues and vices (Charlotte, Vermont, 2014), 365-388

De regis persona et regio ministerio ad Carolum Calvum regem, written c 873, PL 125, cols. 833-856. Translation by Priscilla Throop, Hincmar of Rheims on kingship, divorce, virtues and vices (Charlotte, Vermont, 2014), 1-34.

Our thanks to Michael Blechner for information on some of these translations.

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