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This blog provides our draft translation of Carolingian texts, mostly linked to Hincmar of Rheims or the divorce of Lothar II and Theutberga.

The texts translated are as follows:

Page references are given in square brackets in the translation. All these translations are works in progress and have not been checked for errors or readability. Readers are strongly advised to check the Latin text themselves.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Appendix: introduction

[235] Finally, what follows are seven questions which we were given to resolve around six months after the ones discussed above, sent from the same people. Just as in the preceding ones, we insert the questions before the answers one at a time, responding as briefly as we can; and explaining as if compressed into a box, so that the careful man can understand so that he can embellish on them more fully; and so that we might not shut out the innards of charity from the petitions of the brethren, and offer to the wise man according the scripture the chance to be made wiser, when investigating more fully these things he seeks to understand them. And in the few little hours which we have extorted more than loaned from our multiple and very various occupations, for we do not have thoughts of leisure [?], we have done what might suffice and will not enrage the reader, since the size of the responses to these questions would wholly exceed the width of a volume. The beginning of thse questions is as follows:
“We beg of your Goodwill, that you will not find it tedious if we importunately persist in asking about things necessary for us to know. For after we recently sent questions to you for resolution, we found out about many things, concerning which we earnest ask for your responses, one at a time and individually, from the authority of scripture and canon law, and from the doctrine of the doctors of the church.

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